Service kits

With our sealed 'light and dust' resistant replacement part sets, you can replace the worn parts of the pumps quickly and inexpensively. The systems can be started up again within a short time. You should not have to invest in a new diaphragm pump.

Even if your pump has been flooded, we can supply drive units to keep your existing casing, but replace the internal electrical elements that would now be unusable.

If you would rather have someone come to your location to service the pump & maintain a treatment plant, please contact us and we will direct you to your local specialist.

If you are unsure of which part you need for your pump we have created a useful spares guide that is available to download.

Installation tips

  • Ensure that the air pump is receiving a clean, fresh air supply.
  • If you have recently had a pump fail check the back pressure on the pump.  We can supply pressure gauges so you can do this
  • Ensure your pump is not liable for flooding.  It is an electrical device and whilst rainproof, is not waterproof
  • Ensure that the tubing pipe diameter is kept as close to the pump outlet as possible.  This will reduce any artificial pressure, which may reduce the lifetime between diaphragm changes.
  • If using for an aquatic application with small-bore manifolds leave at least one tap fully open, venting into the water, this will help any pressure known to be created by aquatic air stones.
  • Clean the filter regularly.  Annually as a minimum, more frequent if you suspect ingress of dirt
  • Secoh service kits - diaphragm & diaphragm repair kit

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