FPZ Side Channel Blowers


Since 1975, FPZ has been supplying regenerative/side-channel blowers for the movement of air and gases on a worldwide basis.

FPZ is renowned for its continual search for innovative solutions; its use of the latest applicable technologies and its commitment to “continuous improvement” in performance, reliability and in the overall quality of not only the products but in customer service, as well.

How blowers work

Blowers have an impeller blade mounted inside a housing. As air passes the inlet port, the impeller blades draw air in and accelerate the air outward and forward. As each impeller blade strikes it, the air moves faster and faster. At the base of the housing, an air stripper diverts the air out of the housing reducing the speed and then increasing the pressure  

FPZ blowers work in a variety of applications: from commercial to industrial installations, in food processing to pharmaceuticals, from textiles to aerospace, in medical applications to environmental. Wherever efficiency and reliability are needed, FPZ responds with the appropriate product “solution”.

FPZ blowers range

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Chris Chaplin
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Gavin Hodges
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