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BIBUS offers an extensive pneumatic product line, engineered to meet applications in every sector of the market. We provide true single source convenience with innovative components and complete systems. From semiconductor to automotive, medical to petroleum, our products are designed to fit your unique requirements.

BIBUS offers a complete line of mechanical technology components, including gas springs, electric wheels, profiles and locking mechanisms - True single source convenience.

BIBUS offers a comprehensive range of linear diaphragm pumps, side channel blowers, air diffusers and air operated diaphragm pumps. Discover the right installation equipment for your wastewater treatment systems.

BIBUS offers a comprehensive range of quality hand tools for the automotive sector and industry.

BIBUS offers a wide range of rubber products including profiles, edge trims, buffers and mats, all custom-made to order.

BIBUS offers both disc and tube diffusers, which combine cost effective design with reliability and performance. Suitable for intermittent and continuous aeration processes.

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