Valve Terminal System, 4G, M4G, MN4G series

Valve width of 10, 15, 18 mm and flow rate up to 870 l/min.
New 3, 4, 5 port reduced wiring valve, with error preventive interlock key.

Extended safety functions.
Manual overreide, with protective cover, exhaust check valve and filter in supply port are standard.

Increased reliability.
Service life >60 million cycles, response time <12 ms and low power consumption (0.6 W) are realized.

Easy operation.
Common, upper and side wiring. Reduced wiring connector is swiveling, individual wiring connector alows insertation from upward and side.

Wide variation.
Metal base type and resin manifold type.

  • CKD series MN4G valve terminal
  • CKD series MN4G valve terminal

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Regional Sales Manager - Pneumatics

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