Pressure Filters

Filtration Group Industrial offers an extensive selection of pressure filters designed for hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, and test benches. These filters play a vital role in maintaining the long-term cleanliness of liquids and oils. Featuring a sturdy housing capable of withstanding high operating pressures, these filters are built to last. Their flow-optimized design ensures optimal performance.

With a diverse product portfolio that is continually updated to meet evolving system requirements, Filtration Group Industrial covers a wide range of application scenarios. In the event that a suitable solution is not readily available, the experts at Filtration Group Industrial can customize a design to specifically meet your specifications.

The pressure filters provided by Filtration Group Industrial are suitable for a wide array of applications, including line filters, flange-mounted filters, spin-on filters, and filters in intermediate plate design.

FGI Pressure Filters are available as full or partial flow for various pressure levels:

          • Low Pressure Filters up to 60 Bar               • High Pressure Filters up to 450 Bar

          • Medium Pressure Filters up to 210 Bar       • Special Filters up to 1000 Bar


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