Solenoid valve 3PA/3PB series

The 3PA B Series is a direct-acting universal pressurizing 3 port valve, which can be used from a 0.7 MPa working pressure to a low vacuum. This valve is useful for configuring low-pressure, vacuum application systems. This value is ideal for driving ø16 to ø40 cylinders.


Space saving
Valves are compactly designed with widths of 15 to 22 mm, enabling the assembled device, etc., to be downsized.

Large flow rate
A compact, large flow is attained with the pressure balance type poppet valve structure.

Device weight reduction
Aluminium and resin are implemented for main components, thus reducing the weight of the assembled device.

Easy maintenance
Piping, wiring, and manual operation in the same direction simplifies maintenance.

Energy saving
1.8 W energy-saving design enables direct connection to electronics control and PLC direct drive.

Wide variation of electric connection
The lead type, terminal box type, C-type connector, and D-type connectors are available in this series. Combinations with lights and surge suppressors are available.

Resource saving
Enabling use in an oil-free environment

  • CKD series 3PA/3PB solenoid valves
  • CKD series 3PA/3PB solenoid valves

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