Needle valve with adjusting dials DVL Series

The needle valve with dial DVL-S and DVL-N uses a rotary needle valve with linear flow properties, and numerically indicates speed with a dial. Anyone can easily adjust cylinder speed and flow accurately and with good reproducibility using this needle valve.

Linear flow rate properties
Linear flow rate properties proportional to needle speed are attainable.

Dial indication of rotation
Needle rotation is numerically displayed with the dial.

Visible control of flow rates
The flow rate is controlled easily and visibly with the dial indication. Work manuals are now quantifiable.

Prevent adjustment mistakes
Anyone can easily and accurately adjust values. High reproducibility prevents adjustment errors.

One-touch lock
The needle is fixed easily with the sliding lock lever, making adjustment work even easier.

Reduce work hours
Adjustment work is done quickly, greatly reducing the number of work hours for setup.

Unrestricted installation
The installation section rotates 360°, enabling mounting and installation to be selected freely from the base, side, or panel mounting. No mounting bracket is needed.

  • CKD series DVL flow control valve
  • CKD series DVL flow control valve

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