Magnet type rodless cylinder MRL2 Series

The life and operation stability of this new magnet rodless cylinder are greatly improved by a new lubrication structure. 25 and 32 mm bore size are now available.

CKD originally developed Lube-keeping structure upgrades performance!

Textile (lube-keeping structure) impregnated with grease is mounted on the sliding section of the pis-ton and slider, enabling stable long-term lubricant supply and preventing wear. Long life (more than double by CKD comparison) and stable operation are realized.

Features of lube keeping structure

Lubrication supply/absorption function
A capillary tube applies impregnated grease evenly and regularly to the sliding surface, absorbing excess grease. The scraper type is suitable for directly washing the tube surface with a cleaning solution, etc.

Dust wiper function
Dust and wear power from the packing, etc., are collected by the textile to reduce contamination on the sliding section. (The conventional scraper with efficient scraping is also available)

  • CKD series MRL2 rodless cylinder
  • CKD series MRL2 rodless cylinder

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