Linear slide cylinder LCG series

The air cylinder’s wide guide improves accuracy and rigidity .The linear guide table acts as the sliding table to provide outstanding accuracy, rigidity, and easy of use.

Improved accuracy
The linear guide's table is used for the sliding table. Accuracy is improved over conventional products. Parallelism 0.03 mm (12-30 mm stroke), End plate perpendicularity 0.05 mm

Easier to use
The cylinder and linear slide are now designed together, reducing design work hours. Design for symmetrical stopper installation and multisite piping improve the degree of freedom and ease of use.

Higher rigidity
The slide table material has been changed from conventional aluminium to stainless steel or steel. Rigidity is further increased by using this slide table together with the wide guide.

Increased design freedom
Design is easily made since symmetrical stoppers, multisite piping, and two-surface installation and positioning holes are provided.

Linear guide with four guide ball rows (excluding 6 and 8)
Four rows of guide balls ensure stable operation in any load direction. The guide ball contact is narrower than the two-row layout guide, so the frictional resistance generated during rotation is low. This enables smooth operation with increased accuracy and rigidity.

Ample option variations
Standard, position locking, and clean specification models are available. Varied options include a stopper for adjustable stroke and a stopper with a shock absorber.

2-color switch selectable
The proximity 2-color display switch is selectable. Switches are flush with the panel for a neat appearance.

RoHS Directive-compliant
Environmentally harmful substances, including lead and hexavalent chrome, have been eliminated.

  • CKD series LCG guided cylinders
  • CKD series LCG guided cylinders

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