Compact Cylinder SSD2 Series

Improved use with new variations and large port sizes of 125 to 200 diameter.

Cylinder switch grooves on all four faces
The cylinder switch can be mounted on the same face as the piping port, improving visibility and serviceability. (Φ20 to Φ200)

Ample stroke settings
The small increment stroke setting enables the ideal model for the design to be selected.

Selective end threads
The rod end can be selected from female threads (standard) or male threads (option). The shape can be manufactured to match your application. Contact your CKD representative for details.

Rubber cushion even with the same size (option)
This type is suitable if metallic noise generated at the cylinder end is annoying. Dimensions are the same when the rubber cushion is used.

T type switch mountable on all tube bore sizes
The T type switch incorporated with many CKD parts can be mounted on all tube bore sizes. Uniform switches enable stock to be reduced.

Selective mounting
Holes for either set screws or through bolts are both provided as a standard. Either can be used, depending on the application. A variety of support fittings such as flanges and clevises are available.

RoHS compatible
All substances that can adversely affect the environment, including lead and hexavalent chrome, have been eliminated.

  • CKD series SSD2 compact cylinder
  • CKD series SSD2 compact cylinder

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Regional Sales Manager - Pneumatics

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