1. Built In accordance with ISO21287 standard

2. The cylinder body connects with the threads of the front and back cover, forming high strength and convenient maintenance unit.

3. The internal diameter of the body is treated with hard anodizing. forming an excellent abrasion resistance and durability.

4. The seal of piston seal adopts a two-way seal structure, which allows for a compact design and the function of maintaining lubricant along its working stroke.

5. Compact structure can effectively save fifty percent installation space with ISO15552 standard cylinder.

6. There are magnetic switch slots around the cylinder body, which is convenient to install magnetic switch.

7. Bumper is available, which is designed to absorb energy and reduce noise levels.

8. A full range of accessoiries with various specifications are available.

9. Male piston rod option, Female piston rod standard.


Regional Sales Manager - Pneumatics

David Pascoe
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Regional Sales Manager - Pneumatics

Karl Bryan
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