Engler Float Switches

Engler Float switches now available from BIBUS (UK) Ltd!

Float switches are a great way of monitoring and controlling tank fluid levels. These sensors require no auxiliary power supply come with a range of connecting brackets and electrical adapters. Engler Float Switches are available in a range of materials and sizes making them ideal for a wide range of applications and industries including:

  • Hydraulic Machinery
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Liquid Management
  • Food Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • And more…

Key Features & Advantages

  • Easy and inexpensive mounting
  • Maintenance-free
  • No auxiliary power supply necessary
  • Masking of foam, conductivity, dielectric, pressure, vacuum, temperature e.g.
  • Applicable in almost all kind of fluids
  • Potential-free, switching voltage up to 230V
  • Combinable with temperature switch or temperature sensor

Product Catalogue

Bansbach easyE-I

The new “intelligent” in-line Actuator

In-line actuators with integrated controller (easyE-i) enable the use of MODBUS RTU on an RS485 serial communication. One of the most powerful standards. The easyE-i options provide everything from simple maintenance, control, and installation to a wide range of customisable settings and feedback that will help tailor the movement solution to your specific needs and application.

The integrated controller functions include:

• Adjustable start/stop ramp

• Adjustable current limit

• Internal Stroke limitation

• Internal temp. protection

• Plug & Play Solution with I-Connect-Box / DIN

• Industrial interface MODBUS RTU on RS485

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Air Booster ABP2-HP1

CKD has expanded its range of air booster with the compact ABP2-HP1. This convinces by its compactness and the high life span - CKD factory specification at least 10 million switchings. The pressure is increased in a ratio of 2:1 to the max. output pressure of 9.9bar. The ABP2-HP1 is used where partially higher forces are required, such as gripper force in robotic applications. This allows the main network to be operated at a low pressure, resulting in significant cost savings. In the standard scope of delivery, the pressure intensifier is supplied with pressure gauge and high-performance silencer. Optionally, CKD offers the matching compressed air tanks and brackets.

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Sang-A Stainless Steel One-Touch Fittings

New Sang-A Stainless Steel one-touch fittings are perfect for hot fluids & environments. These fittings have a working pressure of up to 20 bar, a temperature range from -20°c to 200°c and are suitable for Water, Oil, Air and Steam. Their key features include the following:

·        wide variety of models to meet all needs

·        Suitable for use in hot fluids and environments

·        Excellent in chemical resistance and a product made of suitable material for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

·        Stainless steel body having high strength and excellent durability

·        Easy to connect/disconnect tube with one touch

·        The parts are washed, assembled, and packed in a clean room

These fittings are SUS316 rated which has a range of benefits when compared to other qualities of Stainless Steel including:

·        Corrosion resistance is good

·        Superior Resistance to Chloride

·        Resistance to Corrosive Chemicals

The qualities of SUS316 make it perfect for many applications including:

·        Food Preparation

·        Laboratory Equipment

·        Pharmaceutical Equipment

·        Marine Equipment

·        Chemical Vessels

·        And more

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