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Main Features


CPV10S series is an integrated manifold of small 3/2 normally closed solenoid valves with D-Sub 25 pin multipolar connection. 


The solenoid valves used in this series are basically small pilot valves (size 10mm), with a relative low flow rate (~12 nl/min), installed on a manifold. Each position has two solenoid valves: the min. number of positions is 2 (with totally 4 solenoid valves), the max. is 12 stations (with totally 24 solenoid valves). 


This product is mainly used in Textile Industry, or other application where there is not a high flow rate demand.

New SECOH Auto-Stopper Connection Design

New SECOH Auto-Stopper Connection design for JDK models.

SECOH have replaced the soldered auto-stopper connection with a new "Insulated Crimp Connector" making the replacement process a lot simpler. Now, rather than soldering the drive unit cables to the auto-stopper, simply push the Isolated Crimp Connectors from the drive unit to the auto-stoppers extended connectors.

This new design reduces both the time taken to install with no more soldering and the risk of damage to the auto-stopper in the soldering process.

Fluid Power & Systems Exhibition

BIBUS (UK) Ltd representative Wayne Wilding will be attending the Fluid Power & Systems Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham on the 6th of April between 09:30 & 17:00.

Come and meet him at the ATC stand F50 to see all the latest innovations in the industry.

New - FRL CXU Air Unit

The CXU air unit from CKD allows you to save space, simplify circuits and reduce piping by modularizing components such as valves and assembling them onto air preparation units.

Components such as 2, 3 and 5 port valves, pressure switches, regulators and check valves can be assembled vertically and horizontally into one unit. This reduces the need for connecting separate components via tubing inside panels which could already be packed full of other components.

As the bases are modular, CXU units can easily be modified and expanded. Smaller bodied components can also be attached to larger bodied components via adaptors.

Other essential air prep components such as monitored dump valves and electro pneumatic regulators can also be incorporated into these units.

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