Sang-A Stainless Steel One-Touch Fittings

New Sang-A Stainless Steel one-touch fittings are perfect for hot fluids & environments. These fittings have a working pressure of up to 20 bar, a temperature range from -20°c to 200°c and are suitable for Water, Oil, Air and Steam. Their key features include the following:

·        wide variety of models to meet all needs

·        Suitable for use in hot fluids and environments

·        Excellent in chemical resistance and a product made of suitable material for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

·        Stainless steel body having high strength and excellent durability

·        Easy to connect/disconnect tube with one touch

·        The parts are washed, assembled, and packed in a clean room

These fittings are SUS316 rated which has a range of benefits when compared to other qualities of Stainless Steel including:

·        Corrosion resistance is good

·        Superior Resistance to Chloride

·        Resistance to Corrosive Chemicals

The qualities of SUS316 make it perfect for many applications including:

·        Food Preparation

·        Laboratory Equipment

·        Pharmaceutical Equipment

·        Marine Equipment

·        Chemical Vessels

·        And more

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