ATC HFKP Gripper

ATC Gripper

ATC has released a new range of Grippers for Handling Solutions called the HFKP series

It’s a parallel gripper, and like our well-known HFK series, it has a strong roller bearing guide for precise and reliable finger movement. The main feature of the HFKP series is the dust-proof rubber cover mounted on the fingers, which protects the guiding system from external particles.

HFKP series might help the users to solve potential issues, thanks to the following:

1. Dust-proof rubber cover: this feature protects the fingers and the guiding system from dust, powder, water, and any other external agent that could damage and wear the product. The cover clearly improves and extends the service lifespan of the gripper

2. Roller bearing: this kind of bearing, thanks to the higher contact surface between the rollers and the fingers, provides a higher rigidity to the product and higher admissible load values.

3. Precise guiding system: thanks to the roller bearing, which is designed and produced by ATC internally in our Workshops, the product has excellent precision and repeatability, equal to ±0.01mm.

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