3, 4, 5 port pilot operated valve 4K Series

The 4KA and 4KB Series are the compact 3, 4, 5 port valve series available in valve widths including 15, 18, 23, and 29 mm. This series is suitable for driving 40 to 160 diameter cylinders.

  • Valve width 15, 18, 23, 29 mm. Compact 3, 4, 5 port valve.
  • Flow rate up to 3'300 l/min.
  • Low wattage for energy saving. Power consumption 1.8 W.
  • 2 types of pipe specifications. Body porting, base porting.
  • 2 types of manifold. Metal base manifold, block manifold.

High reliability
The newly designed soft spool increases reliability. The manifold has a standard filter on the P port.

Long life
Newly developed wear resistant packing extends life.

Responsiveness during initial operation is stabilized by newly developed special packing.

The compact design downsizes the entire device.

Ample wire connections
Connections such as wire lead, terminal box, and connectors are available. Operation indicator light and surge suppressors can also be used.

High-density integration
Manifolds can be freely and flexibly combined, making it easy to increase and decrease the number of stations.

  • CKD series 4KA/4KB solenoid valves
  • CKD series 4KA/4KB solenoid valves

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