CPV10 Pilot Valves

CPV10S series is an integrated manifold of small 3/2 normally closed solenoid valves with D-Sub 25 pin multipolar connection.

The solenoid valves used in this series are basically small pilot valves (size 10mm), with a relative low flow rate (~12 nl/min), installed on a manifold. Each position has two solenoid valves: the min. number of positions is 2 (with totally 4 solenoid valves), the max. is 12 stations (with totally 24 solenoid valves).

This product is mainly used in Textile Industry, or other application where there is not a high flow rate demand.

Key Features:

  • Integrated installation of air inlet/exhaust and power socket(25pin D-Sub) to save space and reduce additional accessories
  • Equipped with manual override for adjustment and troubleshooting
  • Low starting voltage and long service life











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